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Haircut Services For Men, Women, and Kids

Are you thinking of getting a haircut? Looking for a salon near you? J & Santos Dominican Barber Shop is where you consider heading off to.

We have highly qualified, trained, and experienced stylists to provide all the services. Whether it’s kids’ haircuts or adults’ haircuts, J & Santos Dominican Barber Shop specializes in all. We take pride in providing superior quality services.

Men’s Haircuts

1) Brush Back With Fade

Brush-back hair remains one of the most popular men’s haircuts. Like many other classic hairstyles, the slick back haircut is considered a cool and modern hairstyle for men. This versatile hairstyle is easy to maintain and suits everyone. The haircut is the combination of short layers on the top, clipper cutting on the sides and back. The short layers on the top are created to bring down the bulk. The best thing about this haircut is it suits everyone and can be styled in a messy and neat way. Depending on the occasion, you can have a killer look with this amazingly-versatile hairstyle.

2) Classic Short Layers

Classic short layers work amazingly on all hair types- curly, thin, wavy, and straight. Short layered hairstyles are an excellent option for men of any hair type. Because they are highly versatile, they can easily be adjusted to hair of any type and density. Classic short layers are hairstyle options that will give you a modern look because layered cuts are designed to create a cool dimension. To know what would suit you, ask our stylists for their opinions. We will offer you the right option, you can rest assured of that.  So, go cool and edgy with amazing classic short layers!

3) Clipper Cut With Brush Back

It’s a haircut that never goes out of style. In fact, the clipper cut is a go-to haircut option for people with curly, thick, wavy, and texture hair. If you are busy with your hustle-bustle life and have little time to style your hair, the brush clipper cut might just be the option for you. It’s because this hairstyle is easy to manage, allowing you to manage your hair effortlessly. This haircut will only make your hairstyle easily manageable, but also accentuate your face incredibly. Want to get a haircut? Visit J & Santos Barber Shop to transform your look with this timeless haircut.

4) Longer Layers

Are you fascinated by long layered hairstyles? Then what’s stopping you from donning a long layered hairstyle?  If you want to keep your hair in check, while keeping some length, a longer layered haircut is the option for you. The classic longer layered haircuts are undoubtedly timeless and a popular haircut option for men of curly, thin, wavy, and straight hair types. Long layers offer different styling options, allowing you to experiment with different cool looks. Long layers can be easily created if you have experienced hair stylists at your service. Our stylists will create layers depending on your need and the look you want to achieve.

5) Mohawk Fade

The name “Mohawk Fade” itself sounds fun and interesting. It’s a haircut that’s long on top and tighter on the sides. The sides of the head will be entirely shaved. It’s an on-trend hairstyle that never goes out of style. In fact, it’s going stronger. Whether you want to go for an edgier look or keep your hair shorter, you can have it your way. That’s the benefit the Mohawk Fade haircut offers. This haircut allows you to easily customize your hairstyle. The Mohawk Fade hairstyle is suitable for people with hair types- curly, thick, wavy, and textured.

6) Short Layers

Short Layered hairstyles are a great option for hair of any length. They are classic, iconic, and versatile. Because the hairstyles are versatile, they can be adjusted to hair of any type and density. Interestingly, they are well suited for- curly, thick, wavy, and straight hair. This versatile haircut is suitable for all face shapes and it can be easily & quickly styled for daily wear, allowing you to create statement-worthy looks.  Considering your face shape and styling preferences, your stylist will create the perfect hairstyle for you.

7) Skin Fade

The skin fade is a timeless hairstyle that keeps your look fresh, sharp, and cool. Short and tight at the bottom, the length is kept longer at the top of the head. The skin fade haircut is designed to give you a fresh and detailed look. The best thing about this haircut is suitable for all hair types- curly, wavy, thick, and textured. Our stylists will help you create the look you want with this timeless haircut. All you have to do is; visit us when it comes to getting your hair done with a fresh haircut.

8) Taper Fade

Look dapper with the timeless taper fade haircut. If you want to go for a shorter haircut and style, you can opt for the taper fade option. The taper fade has always been considered a favorite haircut option because of its versatility character. It’s an awesome hairstyle for any event- casual and formal. So, are you thinking of getting the taper fade haircut? Allow our stylists to do the job. We will create the desired look by focusing on all the important factors- your facial structure and hair type. Look effortlessly fresh, cool, and sharp every day with the tapper fade haircut.

Women’s Haircut

1) Bob

If you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle solution, the bob haircut is the answer. It’s a short to medium length hairstyle designed for female. Bob haircuts offer different options and that’s the best thing about bob cut. You have the option of opting for different options. Whether you want to go for a messy bob or angled bob, it’s up to you. It’s the perfect haircut if you want to opt for a shorter and low-maintenance haircut. The combination of a bob haircut and the right styling incredibly contributes to your modern look. A bob haircut can make you look younger and fresher.

2) Long Layers With Long Bangs

Long layers are perfect for women with long hair of any type- thin, thick, curly, wavy, and straight. If you are focused on keeping your hair long, you can go for long layers and you can complement your long layers with long bangs. Long layers look great on everyone, whether you have wavy or straight hair. In fact, long layers are a popular option when it comes to keeping long layers gorgeous. Hence, if you are looking for a hairstyle for your precious long hair, long layers with long bangs might just be the perfect solution. You can rely on our stylists when it comes to haircut services.


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